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We help you take advantage of the vast opportunities for optimisation and new revenue streams offered by new technologies

Faster, smarter

Digital is all around us. For the last decade, we have all had a smartphone at our fingertips. No one gets lost anymore. No question ever remains unanswered for long. Social media offer insight opinions, facts and trends. So, your employees, your customers and suppliers know everything about you whether you like it or not.

Digital technology and the cloud can greatly simplify life in business. Shared calendars, access to files anytime and from anywhere, information accessible to all who need it... simultaneously.

All areas transformed

Digital transformation is a revolution that affects all aspects of business life. From organizational structure to business models, products and services, digitalization enables you to become more efficient and more competitive.

We help you identify areas where digitalization can boost your organization. It could be about accelerating production, cutting costs, improving customer collaboration or reducing errors. But it can also be about making your employees' lives easier so they are more focused on the really important tasks.
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Opportunities and pressures

There really are a lot of opportunities for improvement. Every time your teams have to perform repetitive tasks, every time they have to fill out a paper form, every time they have to copy and paste, there is a potential for optimisation using digital technology.

Sometimes the push to explore the possibilities offered by digital come from external pressures. It might be more technologically advanced competitors entering your market, or a gradual deterioration in customer relations, or teamwork being hampered by inadequate communication processes.

This is where we can help you. Our team of specialists closely follow technological developments and the latest trends in digital transformation. We will be able to guide you towards the right decisions to optimise your operations, improve your offering and focus your resources on the tasks that really add value.

Our approach to digital

For us, digital is much more about culture than it is about technology. Our mission is not only to provide you with new tools. We want to help you decide which tasks require a human approach and which ones can be done faster by automated systems, without the risk of errors creeping in.

M&BD Digital Audit

This analysis tool developed by our team gives you a quick and simple way of carrying out an assessment of what stage of digital maturity your company is at. We analyse your core processes and highlight areas for improvement, to help you know where to start. Our goal is to help you use technology to improve operational efficiency and commercial success.

What are the outcomes?

Depending on the situation, our support can lead to many different outcomes. Here are some examples.
Digital strategy

To help you make the most of digital technology, we prepare a comprehensive plan that sets out clear objectives, concrete actions and usable metrics. You will have everything you need to succeed in your digital transformation and to become more effective.
Support in the implementation of a specific tool

To support you in a rollout, we redefine your existing processes, and rethink the roles and responsibilities to get the best from a particular tool. We also make sure that all employees affected are trained and supported while they become familiar with this new approach.

Case studies

Here are some examples of situations in which we have helped companies to go digital.


We can support you at various stages, towards various goals. It is up to you to decide whether you want our support for one or more of these steps.

Analysis and recommendations

We look at your current situation. We highlight opportunities and problems.

Concepts and planning

Process automation? Implementing a new tool? We suggest several action plans with their associated decision criteria.

Implementation and monitoring

We can either implement the chosen concept with our own teams or supervise the work of specialists chosen by you, depending on what you prefer.

M&BD Digital Audit

Find out how our Digital Audit works.

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