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We help you to structure your company in the best possible way to successfully meet the challenges it will face

A human centered adventure

The human factor is essential for a well functioning organization.

By nature, a company is made of people working together towards a common goal. It is therefore essential to be organized: to know who does what, how, and when.

Every company has some form of organization, more or less controlled, developed or effective. Often, this organization structure has been created in a very pragmatic and incremental way. And, as a result, the company might not be prepared to face future challenges to grow or to seize new opportunities.

A team of leaders

Our team is made up of current and former executives of companies of all sizes, from all fields. Their overall vision and extensive experience will help you to redefine an organizational model that suits your goals, ensuring a future in which you can be competitive.

Opportunities and pressures

Several events in the life of the company can be opportunities to change the organization, for example the acquisition of new skills or potential digitalisation of certain activities.

And sometimes there is a need to rethinkg the structure. This can be for internal reasons, such as the growing dissatisfaction of teams, or external reasons, such as an increasingly aggressive competition.

Whatever the situation, being able to rely on the most efficient organization is key. This is where we help you. Using our extensive experience in companies of all sizes, markets and countries to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Our approach to organization and governance

Stress or dissatisfaction among teams? A drop in productivity? Difficulties knowing who does what? We analyse the symptoms of poor organizational health. But we don't stop there. We focus on the root causes of the issues. We are able to determine whether your structure is sufficiently robust and market driven for you to meet the challenges you face.

M&BD Organization Audit

Our organizational diagnostic tool enables you to determine whether your company's organizational structure is right for its market, while taking into account the internal constraints it has. Based on a mapping of the existing situation, our report highlights the points of improvement that will enable you to optimise the way your company functions.

What are the results?

Depending on the situation, our support can lead to many different results. Here are some examples.
Design of a new organization

We rethink the organization of the company as a whole or at the level of a specific department. What activities should be planned for, and how should they be allocated? What are the activities they must support? How should interactions between the various teams be organized?
Transformation plan

We provide you with a detailed roadmap to drive the organizational transformation. This roadmap indicates the various actions to be carried out and the schedule to be followed to achieve your transformation goals.
Design of managerial processes

Who decides what and when, who evaluates which results? In order to clarify and simplify your organization and governance, it is essential to define specific processes that are tailored to your goals. We ensure that your business is managed with precision and objectivity.
Measurement system

No organizational model is good or bad in itself. By measuring results you will be able to determine whether your organization model is achieving its goals. And that provides an opportunity to sound the alarm early enough if something is going wrong.

Some of our projects

Here are some examples of situations in which we have helped companies to rethink the way they operate and so become more efficient.


We can support you at various points, with various goals. It is up to you to decide whether you want our support for one or more of these steps.

Analysis and recommendations

We assess whether the organizational structure of your corporate entity is suitable for its market and the internal constraints it faces.

Concepts and planning

New organizational model? Business process redesign? We can suggest several action plans with their associated decision criteria.

Implementation and monitoring

We can either implement the chosen concept with our own teams or supervise the work of specialists chosen by you, depending on your preferences.

M&BD Organization Audit

Find out how our organizational audit works.

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