Values and ambitions rooted in our history

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M&BD - Nous aidons les dirigeants

In 2011, Elvis Gonzalez created M&BD Consulting

A company enabling him to put his strategic vision of business, his global approach to organization and his ability to identify and implement practical solutions at the service of customers.
Over time, our founder surrounded himself with professionals who complemented his skills and shared his values as well as his vision of the consultant profession. Although we come from different backgrounds, we are nevertheless all driven by the same ambition: the pursuit of Excellence.
M&BD's mission has always had a strong human dimension: supporting managers in their challenges, helping them create more value and encouraging them to develop sustainable activities.

Values embodied in our DNA

Our activity is based on fundamental principles. They are powerful and they are shared by our team. Respect for these values throughout our history has allowed us to build trust-based relationships with our customers and ensure their satisfaction.

If we were to name just a few:
M&BD - Nous aidons les dirigeants
Respect de la confidentialité
Respect for confidentiality

The missions we are entrusted with can be delicate or may present serious challenges to our clients. Therefore, privacy is an important aspect of our business. And thanks to this, among other things, we create an atmosphere of trust and build long-term relationships with our customers.
La garantie de la transparence
The guarantee of transparency

Throughout our missions, we listen to our clients and communicate regularly with them. We offer a clear vision of the mission’s progress and transparency on all information.
Le focus sur l'intérêt du client
Focus on customer interest

We put customers’ needs first and always serve their interest. Each of our interventions responds to a specific request. Our vision is objective, our approach is based on cooperation and we aim to deliver the best possible results for our customers.
La sensibilité pour l'impact sociétal
Sensitivity for societal impact

Whether we are talking about our own company or those of our customers, the ambition is the same: to develop activities with the best possible impact on sustainability, to create value for society as a whole, and to put the human being at the heart of our work.

We listen to you

Let's talk about your expectations and what we can do for you.