Our history

For over 10 years, M&BD has been growing alongside its customers and partners

2011, the start of a great entrepreneurial adventure

For over 10 years, M&BD has been growing alongside its customers and partners. 2011, the start of a great entrepreneurial adventure.

Over 12 years ago, Elvis Gonzalez started a new adventure by creating the M&BD firm. His approach to the consulting profession was innovative. Combining academic skills and field experience, he had the ambition to create a new concept of a consulting firm. He wanted to build a team able to propose and implement practical and customized solutions.

From the very beginning to today, strong values have guided our activities, among which: confidentiality, transparency, collaboration and sustainability.
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M&BD evolves but our mission remains the same

Since its foundation, our company has developed significantly and continues to evolve. However, our purpose remains the same: to support managers in their challenges, to help them achieve their goals and to bring their most ambitious projects to life.

We fulfil this mission thanks to a talented team. Professionals coming from different backgrounds but driven by the same values, deeply passionate about their profession and, above all, motivated by the pursuit of Excellence.
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A human-centered and sustainable organization are the most important

In 2021, we celebrated 10 years of M&BD. It marked an important  step in the life of the firm and and we looked back on the progress we had made with satisfaction. We have grown together with our customers and partners, and have built a sustainable company that contributes to regional economic development.

What we have created is so much more than an entrepreneurial success. It is first and foremost a human adventure filled with great achievements, wonderful encounters and strong relationships.

We want to say "thank you" to our team, our partners and above all, to our customers for their trust. These past 12 years are only the beginning of our beautiful story and, today, we look forward with enthusiasm and ambition!
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