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We can help you decide where to go, why you should go there and how to get there

Stay the course

Having a strategy in place gives you a framework to guide and simplify your day-to-day decisions

Running a business is hard. You can often get caught up in the little details of daily work, reacting to situations as they crop up, trusting your experience or instinct and trying to replicate your competitors' successes. And little by little, you get so involved in everyday tasks that you forget to look upwards. To look at the big picture. To look ahead.


It is essential to keep the big picture in mind and to avoid being bogged down in the daily details, so that you can pursue medium and long term goals. This is where we can help you.

Opportunities and pressures

For a company, success comes from the ability to seize the right opportunities. There may be a new technology coming to the market or a customer segment that is poorly served by competitors. There is untapped potential in your company.

It is equally important to be able to see opportunities in what might appear to be threats: a competitor enters the market, customers less enthusiastic about your offering, technology is evolving...

This is why it is essential to take in different perspectives and be well advised. Our extensive experience in various industries enables us to spot opportunities and help you make the most of them.

Our strategic approach

Working on your strategy can take many forms. Redefining your core business, rethinking your resource allocation, generating more revenue, or aiming for more sustainable growth...

We adapt your approach to your specific situation. Our main focus will be on answering three questions: where do you need to go, why, and how?

M&BD Strategy Audit

Before deciding where to go, the most important is to identify where you are now. That is the goal of our strategy audit: we establish your internal and external strategic position. We evaluate your current strategy, determine how well it fits within your mission, and analyse your competition as well as your development processes.

What are the results?

Depending on your situation, our participation can lead to a range of different results. Here are some examples.
Mission and values

What is the real aim of your company? What is its deeper purpose? These questions may seem trivial, but they allow you to focus on the essentials and to allocate your resources where they are most needed. It is also important to identify the key values that define the company's philosophy and personality. You will then have the two main pillars of a strong and differentiated corporate culture.
Corporate strategy

Defining a strategy, as the backbone of your company, will enable you to align your team towards a common goal, focused on shared values and ambition. This path to success involves formulating a mission and vision, identifying and approaching your target market and allocating your resources strategically.
List of strategic recommendations

Sometimes the goal is clear, but the way to achieve it is less clear. A list of strategic recommendations and actions will point you in the right direction so you can follow the best path towards your goals.
Action Plan

You need a solid framework to guide your day-to-day decisions and stay on track for your long term goals. Our plan defines concrete actions to be implemented. They are planned out and prioritised. We help you define who is responsible, what resources are needed and what results are expected.

Some of our projects

Here are some examples of situations in which we have helped companies redefine their long term vision and get back on track.


We can work with you at various stages, with various goals in mind. It is up to you to decide if you want our support for one or more of these steps.

Analysis and recommendations

Find an objective, non-emotional view of your situation and the various opportunities available to you.

Concepts and planning

New strategic segmentation? External growth? We can offer you several action plans with decision criteria.

Implementation and follow-up

Based on your preferences, we will either implement the chosen concept with our own teams or supervise the work of specialists selected by you.

M&BD Strategy Audit

Find out how our strategy audit works.

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