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We help you think beyond the product or service, to be able to provide your customers with an entirely satisfying experience – every time

Take care of your customers

In an increasingly complex world where no one has enough time, making your customers' lives easier is the best way to create a strong and lasting relationship.

Markets are more and more saturated it is then difficult to differentiate your company by product alone. And offering a lower price than the competition is rarely sustainable in the long run.

In these conditions, how can you stand out? The customer experience is what will make the difference. Whether before, during or after the purchase, the customer experience will distinguish a brand from its competitors and so create stronger engagement.

Keep it simple

These days, unnecessary waiting times or complicated formalities can be annoying. So what can you do to avoid frustration and irritation for your customers? Could digitalisation or improvement to your processes lead to better customer satisfaction?

We can help you understand who your customers are and what emotional state they are in at each stage of their journey. We help you make the right changes to make every moment of their experience a success.

There are endless opportunities to improve the customer experience.

If your retention rate is too low, and you are hearing negative reviews too often, then something needs to be done. It is by measuring the gaps between the experience delivered and what is actually perceived by your customers that you will find the opportunities to raise your brand.

Sometimes it can be external events that make it necessary to improve the customer experience such as the increasing digitalisation of markets, sudden changes in the behaviour of your customers or even your own employees can push you to act.

This is where we can help you. Our team of specialists will analyse your situation and enables you to understand where the problems lie. There are often quick and effective actions which can be implemented in parallel with in-depth work that will have a strong leverage effect.

Our approach to customer experience

We work on several broad approaches, all based on knowledge of the customer and their journey. Providing the customer with a memorable experience requires knowing who you are really dealing with. But it is equally important to objectively map their entire journey with your company. This is where the difficulties and areas for improvement will appear.

From this point, it is possible to develop a customer experience strategy, set up an organization and processes and implement IT solutions.

M&BD Customer Experience Audit

Developed by our team, this tool enables you to quickly and comprehensively assess the level of maturity of your company in terms of customer experience. You will receive a comprehensive report that highlights the strengths and areas for improvement in your company. The report also offers various "quick win" action plans and details the areas for strategic improvement.

What are the results?

Depending on the situation, our support can lead to many different results. Here are some examples.
Customer Experience Strategy

This can be the real backbone of your company. Defining a clear customer experience strategy with a strong positioning aligned with the company's overall strategy will enable you to lead your teams towards a common goal. This route to success starts with the formulation of a market vision, followed by prioritisation of the aims and objectives associated with this vision and finally formalisation of the strategic orientation.
Customer Experience Transformation Plan

This plan indicates the various actions to be taken and the schedule to be followed to achieve your organizational goals. We will provide you with an appropriate governance structure to manage the transformation plan, an operational roadmap for implementing the Customer Experience transformation plan, as well as the implementation of monitoring and management tools.
Definition of a 'persona'

Personas are reference models of your different customer types. Based on your data and research, we construct fictitious clients with names, professions, family lives, expectations, habits, etc. These personas will then be used as references for product development, marketing activities or customer relationship modelling.
Customer journey mapping

Mapping the sequence of steps a customer goes through in each of their interactions with your company is an essential exercise. This information is actually often fragmented, and divided between different teams in the company. But without the bigger picture, it is difficult to identify problem areas, make relevant improvements and assess their effect.

Case studies

Here are some examples of how we have helped companies optimise their customer experience.


We can support you at various points, with various goals. It is up to you to decide whether you want our support for one or more of these steps.

Analysis and recommendations

We look at the experience you offer your customers, as well as your company's strategy, organization, processes and the company's digital ecosystem in the area of customer relationship management. We highlight opportunities and problems.

Concepts and planning

Definition of a new customer experience or digital communication strategy? Process automation? Optimising the customer journey? Setting up an organization that listens to your customers? We can suggest several action plans with their associated decision criteria.

Implementation and monitoring

We can either implement the chosen concept with our own teams or supervise the work of specialists chosen by you, depending on what you prefer.

M&BD Customer Experience Audit

Find out how our customer experience audit works.

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