M&BD Organization Audit

Take a step back and look at how your business really operates

Optimal organization for greater performance

A company’s organization refers to how resources are structured and allocated in order for the company to operate properly and be able to achieve its mission. Aligned with strategy, the organization should take into account external factors in the business environment. A company is in fact ideally organized so as to be able to evolve with the market and thus ensure its sustainability.

Organizational weaknesses that result in common symptoms

Audit Organisation M&BD
Organizational weaknesses are more common than you might think. Present in all types of structures (small or large, private or public), they result in symptoms such as:
  • An overload of work
  • A lack of performance
  • Tensions and frustrations within teams
  • Difficulty in planning resources
  • A lack of visibility on the activities
  • Possible duplication of certain activities
  • Projects that become more complex and/or are not completed
  • Complicated, sometimes cumbersome communication
  • Information that gets lost
  • And many others

An analysis of the organization makes it possible to better understand the origin of symptoms, identify weaknesses and define actual solutions.

What does the M&BD Organization Audit consist of?

Our team has developed an analysis model based on strong organizational expertise and years of experience. With the M&BD Organization Audit, we carry out a complete diagnosis of the organization of a company or a department in order to identify its weaknesses exhaustively.
Diagnostic organisationnel

Analysis based on reliable and meaningful data

To have a global image, reflecting the reality of your organization and the daily routine of your teams, we rely on quantitative and qualitative data from different sources:

  • Internal documentation available
  • Questionnaires (or activity catalogs) completed by employees
  • Individual interviews with members of the teams concerned
  • Workshops with key people within the analyzed structure

An analysis of all aspects of the organization

Our approach aims to evaluate organizational functioning as a whole. We are particularly interested in:

Organizational structure

  • How are resources allocated?
  • How are teams defined?
  • What are the hierarchical links?
  • What are the control and coordination mechanisms?


  • How is the workload distributed?
  • Which activities take up the most resources?
  • What activities are carried out?
  • What activities are missing?

The process

  • What are the working methods?
  • What are the key processes?
  • How formalized are they?

Information systems

  • What tools are used within the company?
  • Are they adapted to the needs of the teams?
  • How are they used by teams?

Roles and responsibilities

  • How are tasks assigned?
  • Are roles and responsibilities well defined and known?

The performance

  • Are objectives set at all levels of the company?
  • How is company performance measured and monitored?

The interactions

  • How do teams interact?
  • What are the coordination mechanisms?
  • What are the information flows?

A structured approach

Our working method is structured in stages. It is flexible enough to allow us to adapt to your needs and objectives, and obtain the expected results.
Méthode de l'audit Organisation M&BD
Méthode de l'audit Organisation M&BD

Transparency in our intervention

Because we want each project to be a real collaboration, we work in complete transparency. Project monitoring document and regular status updates: we communicate the status of the project to you week after week. You can even view the progress of the project at any time on our collaborative project management platform.

And if you wish, we can also support you in internal communications explaining our role and our intervention with the teams concerned.
L'approche M&BD

What results?

What can you expect from the M&BD Organization Audit?

Once the analysis phase is completed, the entire process and the results are formalized in a complete report, as well as in a summary.

You will then have in hand reference documents which give you better visibility of the functioning of your business, and which you can share, according to needs and format, with key stakeholders.

And after ? In the analysis, we will have identified the organizational weaknesses. We can then define real solutions for improvement. These actions are structured in a roadmap: it is the starting point for moving your organization towards greater performance.

A tailor-made deliverable

Every project is different. The content of the analysis and the solutions formulated are therefore always tailor-made, adapted to the specific context of your company.

In the full analysis report you will find the following:

  • The results of the analysis highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the current organization
  • Maps and/or inventory of activities, processes, information systems, roles and responsibilities, performance indicators and interactions
  • A list of recommendations for concrete improvement actions
  • A matrix prioritizing recommendations
  • A roadmap for next steps
Audit Organisation M&BD

Why choose M&BD Consulting?

Our approach is global and pragmatic. We go beyond advice by offering you actual solutions. Then, we provide the tools to put them in place and can also guide you, subsequently, in their  implementation as well as in change management.

Do you think your organization can be improved?

Carry out a diagnosis and implement the changes leading to a more efficient organization!