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Taking advantage of new technologies

Digitalisation covers such a wide range of areas that it is sometimes difficult to grasp.

Digitalising implies changes in the way we operate. But not just any changes. You need to put in place practices that generate value and improve the way your company does business. And it's not always clear where to focus your efforts.

Our audit allows you to take stock of your company's level of digitalisation. This is the starting point for all decision-making.

What does the analysis cover?

Our analysis focuses on two main levels:

Internal: the level of digitalisation of your company's internal operations. In other words, do you use new technologies in an efficient way?

External: the level of digitalisation of your actions in the market. In other words, are you using digital tools to better respond to the demands of your market?

For each of these areas, our audit allows us to assess the level of maturity of your use of key digitalisation technologies:

  • Big Data: Cloud, AI
  • Robotics: AI, advanced manufacturing, imaging, drones
  • IoT: connected sensors
  • VR / AR: serious gaming
  • Platforms
  • Cyber security


  1. Data collection
  2. Analysis of key elements
  3. Summary of results
  4. Formulation of recommendations
  5. Restitution and presentation

Audit Digital M&BD © - Diagram Steps


  • The level of digital maturity of your company
  • Recommendations for concrete action
  • A clearly defined methodology
  • The starting point for all decision-making

What’s next?

The results of our audit enables you to highlight potential areas for improvement. You will know then the concrete actions you need to take. But where should you start?

Depending on your strategic goals, our team can also help you prioritise actions and support you to implement digital projects.