M&BD Strategy Audit

Take a fresh look at your business strategy

Analyse stratégie M&BD

Better manage activities thanks to a clear, defined strategy adapted to the market

Your business is part of a constantly evolving ecosystem. To stay on course, remain competitive and ensure business development, leaders must have a clear vision of their company:

  • What are the company's missions and values?
  • What is the positioning compared to competitors?
  • In which direction are we going?
  • What are the short, medium and long term objectives?
This detailed, formalized and well-defined vision is none other than your company's strategy.

Classic symptoms of a lack of business strategy

Audit Organisation M&BD

The absence of a clearly defined business strategy is a common case. Sometimes, even when a strategy exists, it is not adapted and does not respond effectively to market challenges. In this type of situation, several symptoms are observed at different levels, such as:

  • The decline in turnover over time
  • Inability to clearly prioritize projects
  • The feeling of being dispersed in activities
  • Difficulty projecting into the future
  • A divergence in the speeches of leaders
  • An inconsistency between the activities carried out and the mission

The M&BD © Strategy Audit allows you to take stock and obtain leads so that you can reorient, define or clarify your strategy and then deploy it into concrete actions.

What does the M&BD © Strategy Audit consist of?

Our experts have developed a specific service: the M&BD Strategy Audit.

This service is based on solid expertise in strategy and a proven methodology. It allows us to carry out an in-depth analysis of your strategy to identify opportunities for improvement.

Internal and external analysis

To evaluate the relevance of your strategy, its consistency with your mission as well as with the market in which you are active, we are interested in several factors linked to your company (internal) but also to its environment (external). This allows us to identify market opportunities and development potential for your business.
Internal analysis
  • Analysis of the company's mission, culture and values
  • Analysis of vision and objectives
  • Assessment of internal resources and skills
  • Analysis of the business portfolio
  • Performance Analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Definition of the company's key skills and strategic capabilities
External analysis
  • Analysis of market trends and influencing factors
  • Analysis of demand and potential customers
  • Analysis of the competition and their positioning
  • Definition of key success factors
  • Definition of risks and opportunities in the market

A multi-step process

Our way of working is sufficiently structured so that our intervention is as effective as possible. It is also flexible enough to be adapted to customer requests.
Démarche d'audit stratégie
Démarche d'audit stratégie

Let’s talk “results”!

Résultats de l'audit stratégie M&BD

What can you expect from the M&BD Strategy Audit?

Once the analysis phase is completed, the entire process and the results are formalized in a complete report, as well as in a summary.

You will then have in hand reference documents presenting an objective assessment of your overall business strategy, which you can share, according to needs and format, with key stakeholders.

And after ? In the analysis, we will have provided avenues for improvement as well as different areas of strategic direction towards which to move. You have clear and formalized documents in hand to facilitate decision-making. This is the starting point to then develop a more optimal strategy and determine the actions to be deployed.

What does a typical strategy analysis report contain?

Each project is different, which implies a deliverable with tailor-made content, adapted to the specific strategic situation of your company. You will find in particular the following fundamental elements:
  • An inventory of the market and the positioning of your company
  • A map of risks and opportunities on the market
  • A strategic assessment of your company and potential development paths

Why choose M&BD Consulting?

Our approach is global and pragmatic. We go beyond advice by offering you concrete solutions adapted to your situation. Then, we provide you with the tools to put them in place and can also guide you, subsequently, in their deployment as well as in change management.

Do you think your strategy can be improved?

Carry out a diagnosis and obtain concrete ideas to improve your business strategy.

Audit Stratégie M&BD

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