Our commitment

Sustainability, at the heart of our mission and our activities

We are committed to society, the planet and the economy

Today, sustainable development is an integral part of our vision

Over the last few years, we have developed our approach to sustainability, both for our own business and also for that of our customers.

So much so that we have created a dedicated activity, under the name M&BD Durable. It brings together several members of our team whose ambition is to implement and monitor various sustainability-related projects.

The culture of sustainability rooted in our DNA reflects our commitment. In every day life it shows through small actions on the work place, smart management practices and in the way we do business.
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A structured approach, defined goals and true actions

To go further, we decided to have our dedication recognized by well-known labels. In particular, we have signed the Sustainable Leaders Charter and we are affiliated with the Swiss Triple Impact program. We also decided to take the first steps toward the B Corporation certification. The process to get this certification is an excellent way to evaluate the level of commitment of our organization and to determine priorities in the medium term.
Sustainable Leaders Logo
Sustainable Leaders est une initiative pilotée par Swiss Leaders visant à guider et former les dirigeant·e·s des milieux économiques, politiques et académiques au leadership durable.
Swiss Triple Impact Logo
Swiss Triple Impact est un programme initié par B Lab Switzerland qui aide les entreprises engagées à structurer leurs actions en se basant sur les Objectifs de Développement Durable des Nations Unies (ODD).
B Corporation Logo
B Corporation est un label qui permet d’identifier les entreprises répondant à des critères élevés en matière de performance sociale et environnementale, de transparence et de responsabilité envers leurs parties prenantes.

Sharing our approach to sustainability with our customers

As a consulting firm, we support leaders in their challenges. And, we aim to ensure sustainable development for our clients through our interventions and the recommendations we provide.

With this in mind, several members of our team have been trained and have achieved the “B Leader” distinction. They thus have the knowledge, methods and tools to advise our clients on sustainable development.

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