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Resources for growth

Increasing your income is key for the survival and development of your business in the long term. For a company, generating profitable revenues is essential. It is required to finance your operations and to develop and enable the growth of your business.

So it is important to be clear about the added value you can provide. You need to know how to communicate it, which market to approach and how to reach your customers.

The basics: how to increase your income

You will need to offer products and services tailored to your market, to increase the profitability of your product portfolio, to target the clients with whom you have the best chance of success, to effectively communicate your value proposition and to train your sales force…

All this requires a clear vision of the market, reliable information, objective analytical skills and operational skills for implementation. This is where we can help.

There are opportunities everywhere.

In any market, there is always a customer segment that is underserved - or not served at all. Or an innovation that can reach out to new customers. Sometimes it is your goals that drive you to reinvent yourself: how to gain market share? How to become the leader or the standard? How to be the most innovative market player? Sometimes it is pressures that make you question your sources of income such as the arrival of a new competitor, slowing business growth, shareholders demanding more profitability or customers with new behaviors leading to new requirements.

We are used to this type of situation. Our team brings together a wealth of knowledge at different strategic levels, business development and commercial management. This expertise enables us to detect opportunities, identify threats and help you make the best decisions.

Our approach to marketing and business development

Addressing concerns about your revenue can be twofold.

First of all, there is the marketing, i.e. your offering: do your products or services perform well? Do they address real market needs? Who are your customers? Answering these kinds of questions can lead to many solutions.

The second aspect is business development. In other words, selling: how does a sales meeting work? What is your cost of acquisition of a new customer? Are there unnecessary and costly steps in the process? How can you be more effective?

You can probably answer these questions, but how accurately? When was your last statistical analysis? Our expertise will enable you to get more precise answers.

Audit of your commercial situation

We have created a diagnostic tool to measure the health of your business development. Within a very short period of time, we check over sixty points looking at the strategic, tactical and operational levels. We then provide you with a full report which presents an immediate overview of the growth opportunities available to your company.

What are the results?

Depending on the situation, our intervention can lead to very different results. Here are some examples.
Strategic marketing and communication plan

A marketing and communication plan is an essential tool to help you organize your initiatives in a structured and planned way. It includes a competitive analysis, describes your target audiences and the appropriate communication channels. It details your value proposition and formulates the key messages to be communicated. It may include a time-sequenced action plan, with performance indicators and budget monitoring.
Brand strategy

Nowadays, brand is one of the most important assets of any company. It is essential to manage it professionally to give your company an image that matches your goals and is tailored to your market.
An effective brand strategy will also enable you to build customer loyalty, increase your revenue per customer and raise awareness of your brand with specific activities.
Business development plan

To help you conquer your markets, you need a plan. This defines the distribution channels suitable for each target. It presents the tools and approaches to selling. The plan also describes in detail the commercial policy, the organization of the sales team and the management of information within it.
Training plan for sales managers

Regardless of your sector of activity, training sales managers is a key factor in the success of your business development. In addition to any soft skill requirements, the sales manager training plan sets out the essential knowledge to be acquired for your product portfolio. It also describes the methodology that will enable sales people to learn about the products and obtain formal certification of their level of proficiency.

Some of our projects

Here are some examples of how we have helped companies to increase their revenues or improve their profitability.


We can support you at various points, with various goals. It is up to you to decide whether you want our support for one or more of these steps.

Analysis and recommendations

We take a close look at your offering, your positioning and approach to the market, and the effectiveness of your commercial activity.

Concepts and planning

We develop your marketing and sales strategy, accompanied by a complete and detailed action plan. Activity planning, identification of the means and resources required, strategic priorities. And our plans are always accompanied by criteria to make your decision easier.

Implementation and monitoring

We handle the full deployment of the selected plans: by implementing the defined actions or by supervising the work of specialists you have chosen. This monitoring phase is constantly evaluated using performance indicators.

M&BD Business Development Audit

Find out how our commercial audit works.

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