M&BD © Business Development Audit

Marketing & Business Development

Do you work in the public
or semi-public sector?

How is your business doing?

What is your company's potential to develop its business? Are you making the most of it? What could you improve?

Developed by our company, the M&BD © Business Development Audit enables us to assess your company's potential for developing business. In a quick and targeted way, this tool analyses 67 internal elements at your business and in so doing enables you to spot the factors that are hindering growth.

What aspects are considered in the analysis?

The audit reports 67 analysis items such as:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Action plans
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Organisation and Structure
  • Product portfolio
  • Distribution system
  • Goals
  • Management

Main steps

The audit takes the form of a formal interview with the decision-maker(s) involved. A few hours of your time is all we need to provide you with a full analysis.

Audit Développement des affaires M&BD © - Diagram Steps

You get

A full report

Our audit comprehensively covers the strategic, tactical and operational levels of your company and thus gives you an overview of the current situation.

Decision-making support

This audit provides you with a reliable diagnosis containing the key information on which to base your company's commercial activity.

A map of the situation

Our audit allows us to take stock of your company's situation. It lets you know where you are, where you want to go and how to get there.

An objective analysis

The audit is carried out in full confidentiality by one of our experts, which guarantees a neutral and objective perspective.