M&BD Governance Audit

Evaluate your company's governance

Strong governance is the foundation of your success. Thanks to our specific audit, we help you enhance and strengthen this important basis for  your business’ sustainability.
Audit Gouvernance M&BD

Solid governance, the key to a healthy and efficient company

Governance is the backbone of your business. It represents all the rules and systems governing your company. When it is well defined and  fits your business, it strengthens the operations and ensures the business’ sustainability. Conversely, poorly defined or insufficiently formalized, governance can cause tensions between decision-making bodies and negatively affect the organization’s activities.

The importance of governance, an often overlooked reality

Too often, roles and responsibilities within management bodies are not clear enough. The symptoms of this neglect are multiple:

  • internal conflicts
  • lack of common vision
  • ineffective decision-making processes
  • unclear positions
  • lack of transparency
  • difficulty in planning the company’s succession

So many elements that affect the performance and sustainability of your business.

Make your governance a real asset

The M&BD Governance Audit offers a neutral and objective assessment of your governance. It provides  ideas for balancing and clarifying decision-making powers within the governing bodies.

Our experts conduct interviews with key people within the your organization. They carry out in-situ observations and analyze existing documentation in order to assess governance on 6 different areas:

The governance structure
We create map showing the organs and actors  involved in decision-making and at what level.
The composition of the organs
We give a look at the number and typology of people and profiles serving on governance bodies.
Assignment of roles and responsibilities
We pay particular attention to identify the mission of each body. We assess how roles and responsibilities are distributed both at the level of the bodies and at the level of the people who constitute them.
Relations between the different authorities
We analyze the mechanisms and communication flows between management bodies in order to identify possible sticking points.
Decision processes
We evaluate the decision-making and validation processes: What are the decision-making rules? What type of decision is each organ involved in? How well are the processes defined?
Operating rules
We analyze the level of formalization of the functioning of governance: To what extent is the functioning regulated and formalized? How often do the organs meet? How do the meetings take place?

Our values at the heart of the M&BD Governance Audit

When we carry out a governance audit, we commit to following principles that ensure respect, trust and the effectiveness of our work.

Learn more about our values
Privacy rooted in our DNA
Privacy rooted in our DNA Respecting confidentiality at all levels is an essential part of our business. It is largely thanks to this that we can build trust and long-term relationships with our customers.
Transparent communication
Our audits are conducted with complete transparency. We communicate clearly about the projects’ progress, which allows managers to be constantly informed and forward relevant information to their team.
Gestion du changement
Managing change with peace of mind
We are aware of the importance of managing change so that the people involved embrace it and experience it with complete peace of mind. This is why, in order for each project to be a success, we implement change management actions.

What the M&BD Governance Audit can bring you

The M&BD Governance Audit is not only an inventory, it is a transformation tool.

Following our intervention, you will receive clear and precise deliverables, designed to help you understand your current situation and consider  the main areas to improve. Here are some of the things you can expect from our analysis:

A detailed matrix
We illustrate all the validation and decision-making mechanisms within your organization.
An inventory
We analyze the composition and structure of decision-making bodies.
A roles’ portfolio
We identify the profiles and roles of each stakeholder, so that everyone can better understand their place in the organization.
An evaluation of interactions
We examine the relationships between the different members and bodies of your company to identify possible sticking points.
A summary of the dysfunctions
We identify potential risks and malfunctions so that you can fix them.
Tailor-made recommendations
We suggest a set of actions to optimize your governance, based on your goals and your specific context.

Take control of your Governance

Don't let uncertain or poorly defined governance have a negative impact on your business. It's time for action / to take action, with the help of a professional and external team.

Why call on M&BD Consulting?

Our approach is global and pragmatic. We go beyond advice by offering you real and adapted solutions. Then, we provide the tools to implement them and we can also guide you, subsequently, in the implementation as well as in change management.