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How is your Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) has become the new battleground for companies to stand out from competition and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Having a Customer Experience strategy is a fundamental growth tool for companies.

Our audit

Our M&BD Customer Experience Audit © allows you to quickly and easily assess the level your company is at in terms of Customer Experience. Based on a maturity matrix, this analysis provides an initial assessment for decision making and the implementation of a strategy that will be the starting point for a success story.

Six main areas of analysis

1. Customer journey

Improving the Customer Experience starts with enhancing every stage of the customer journey. We look closely at each interactions customer has with your business to find how to strengthen its experience.

2. Digital communication

The massive influx of digital technology into our lives has ushered in a new era of change. Successfully developing, mastering and consolidating digital communication for the company is an indispensable asset.

3. Voice of the customer

Voice of the customer is a comprehensive customer feedback system that helps guide business decisions to achieve greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and referral rates.

4. Employees’ voice

Employees are a company's most valuable resource. So they ought to be treated as well as clients. For competitive companies, it has become crucial to generate not only employees commitment, but also employees enthusiasm.

5. Customer-oriented technology

A major consequence of the digitalization of society is that there are more and more touch points between the customer and the company. The challenge lies in organizing, analysing and using the vast amounts of customer information available.

6. Customer experience strategy

Designing a customer experience strategy that is tailored, clear, structured and consistent with the company's strategy is a powerful lever for strategic differentiation.

An overview of the current state of customer experience

The report produced not only provides an assessment of the current level of maturity, but also outlines overall recommendations and possible areas for improvement.

Concrete outcomes

  • an analysis of the level of Customer Experience maturity in your company
  • a list of quick wins for improving the Customer Experience
  • a guideline for strategic areas for improvement
  • a comprehensive report

Implementation steps

M&BD © Customer Experience Audit - Diagram Steps 1

If you wish to go further

M&BD © Customer Experience Audit - Diagram Steps 2