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Organize your business for better performance

Teams are overloaded and stressed, information is lost or not shared properly between the people involved, productivity drops, employees spend too much time on low value tasks… These are common symptoms of an unhealthy organization.

The organizational structure of a company relates to the distribution of tasks and responsibilities, the coordination and control mechanisms and rules and procedures. Aligned with the business strategy, this structure needs to be robust and market-driven to help you meet your challenges.

Developed by our experts, the M&BD Organisational Audit© enables to establish an organizational diagnosis of your company. In other words, it helps determine whether the organizational structure of your entity is suitable for its market, while taking into account specific internal constraints.

Main steps

The audit is carried out in three stages. Each one aims to complement and deepen the information gathered in the previous phase, ensuring that nothing is missed.

M&BD © Organization Audit - Diagram Steps


First of all, we carry out an employee survey by asking staff to complete a questionnaire. The purpose of this is to identify the activities and responsibilities of each person and thus define their workload and related processes.


In a second step, our team conducts interviews with people involved at different level of the organization in order to look closer at some points highlighted during the analysis of the questionnaire.


Finally, we organize workshops to allow everyone to discuss elements to be improved.

What aspects are considered in the analysis?

The audit can be carried out at the level of the whole company or just a specific department or division. The analysis covers five main areas:

Audit Organisation M&BD © - Diagram Aspects

You get

A full report

Our audit fully examines your company in terms of organizational functions. The different steps in the audit process ensure a thorough, relevant and high quality analysis. we provide you with a full report covering every step of our intervention.

A map of the current situation

Thanks to our audit, you can take stock of your organization's current situation. We provide you with a map as well as a list of the most important elements ensuring maximum understanding. It enables you to understand where your organization stands and helps you to define where to go.


The report contains specific recommendations for improvement. Those are the starting points to change and improve the organizational structure.

Decision making support

When there is a desire for change and imprivement, making an assessment of the current situation is the first step. The report you get will is the most useful reference for subsequent decisions.