M&BD Consulting SA is a strategic consulting office based in Lausanne, in Switzerland.

A reinforcement for your direction, resource for your ambitions.

Let your ambitions grow thanks to the advice of experienced directors who became consultants.

M&BD - Nous aidons les dirigeants

We help the directors.

What you have built must last. As all directors, you mobilize all your energy, your resources and your competences in only that goal. But how to assure to take the good choice, to take the good decisions? The world because so complex that to have the right information and put together the necessary competences inside is often too long and too costly.

The experts are present in different domains.

It’s here that we can help you. Our team gather expert in all domain. People that will understand you as they occupied jobs as directors of enterprises of stature and on different activities sectors, in Switzerland and abroad. Do you have a difficult decision to take? For sure there is someone between us that had to take the same. You can benefit from his experience. You can have advices and be guided by our specialists.

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Faire face à la crise ?
Stratégie d'entreprise

Suggestions are good. But suggestions together with actions is better.

Are you looking for consultants who do not only speak but take concrete actions? It’s in this way that we work.


To take the good decision, it is necessary to know where we are. We offer you the big picture that you may not see when you are submerged by daily tasks.


We took key positions in different industries, in different levels and in different continents. And this permits us to identify the best way and to guide you toward the success.


The best plan will be useless if it is not implemented. But don’t worry:we are always capable to realize the projects or to guide you to realize them.


A finished project, is nothing more than the beginning of another one, We guide you on the duration to evaluate the realization of the objectives and to di the necessary adjustments.
Do you want to know more about our office?
Toujours très disponibles et réactifs, nous entretenons une réelle relation de confiance avec les consultants de M&BD. Les résultats obtenus ayant à chaque fois dépassés nos attentes, nous continuons à travailler avec eux pour d’autres mandats.
Directrice adjointe d’une entreprise de construction
D’une grande maturité, M&BD est capable de gérer des projets complexes, les démarquant franchement de leurs concurrents.
CEO d’une société financière
Les compétences de M&BD ne font aucun doute, tout est à sa place, dans un cadre, avec des délais et des budgets afin de délivrer le meilleur rendu possible.
Partner d’une entreprise de gestion de fortune

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