Corporate strategy

Do you work in the public
or semi-public sector?

Take stock of your strategy

Our audit enables us to establish a state of play of the internal and external strategic aspects of your company. We assess your current strategy, determine its consistency with your mission and analyse the competition as well as the development processes.

Taking stock of the company's overall strategy helps to define the strategic lines of action and to give long-term vision and orientation to the whole organisation.

Main steps

  1. Collection of available information and statistics
  2. Stakeholder interviews
  3. Analysis of market conditions and competitiveness
  4. Preparation of a strategic analysis report
  5. Presentation of the report

Audit Stratégie M&BD © - Diagram Steps

Aspects analysed

Our strategic audit is structured along two main lines:

  • internal strategic factors, linked to the company
  • external strategic factors, linked to the external business environment

Internal analysis

  • Resource assessment
  • Value chain analysis
  • Analysis of key competences
  • Performance analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Cross-sectional SWOT analysis

External analysis

  • Strategic groups analysis
  • Definition of key success factors
  • Competitor analysis
  • Assessment of forces in operation
  • Trend analysis

Benefits and results

  • A clearly defined methodology
  • An objective view of the situation
  • A general analysis of the company
  • A reference document for the next steps
  • The starting point for all decision-making