M&BD © Governance Audit


Do you work in the public
or semi-public sector?

Facilitate and clarify decision-making powers

Conflicts and stalemates may arise at the highest levels of your company. Shareholders, Board of Directors, Executive Management; who decides what and how? Decision-making can sometimes be unclear and difficult.

The nature of governance is the principles that ensure a balance between direction and control while preserving the decision-making capacity and effectiveness of the governing bodies.

Our audit enables you to identify any dysfunction and possible areas for improvement. This is the starting point for adopting the right principles to ensure efficiency and transparency in the functioning of your company's decision-making bodies.


Family businesses

For family businesses, establishing and respecting governance principles is fundamental. All too often, family matters and business matters get mixed up... and this leads to tensions and disagreements.

Family council, family pact, business transfer; our audit enables us to include the specific elements linked to the governance of the family SME.


What does the analysis cover?

More than 60 analysis points to assess the application of governance principles in your company, including

  • The roles and responsibilities of the decision-making bodies and its members (Shareholders, Board of Directors, Management)
  • The definition and constitution of decision-making bodies
  • The organisational structure of the decision-making bodies
  • Governance rules and principles applied
  • Decision-making and sign off processes and methods
  • The tasks of the decision-making bodies
  • The coordination mechanisms between these bodies


  1. Governance analysis
  2. Design of governance bodies
  3. Definition of roles
  4. Definition of the rules of governance
  5. Definition of decision-making modes and decision-making levels
  6. Implementation of governance

Audit Gouvernance M&BD © - Diagram Steps


  • An overview of the current situation
  • Recommendations for concrete action
  • A clearly defined methodology
  • The starting point for all decision-making


What next?

Having a good diagnosis leads to more effective solutions.

This first phase identifies the main areas for improvement and establishes the actions to be taken to strengthen the company's governance.

This is the starting point for implementing solutions.

Should a new governance model be designed? Should sign-off processes be reviewed? We can help you find the answers and initiate appropriate actions.