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Assess your company's capacity to innovate

Innovation has long been equated with technological progress. However, innovation can take place at all levels of the company, whether in business practice, knowledge, skills or organization.

Do you see innovation as essential to the sustainability of your company but are not sure how to fully make the most of the capacity to innovate? Asking the right questions and identifying what you can do about it is the first step.

Our audit enables you to quickly and easily assess your company's capacity to innovate. Based on recent quality data, this analysis provides you with an initial assessment as a starting point for decision making and the implementation of an innovative strategy.

Main steps

M&BD © Innovation Audit - Diagram steps

What are the key questions answered by the analysis?


How much do new ideas emerge from your organisation? How do you make use of them?


Do you monitor what is happening in your sector and in the economy in general?


Is your innovation reward system adequate?

Skills management

How do you manage innovation skills?

Frequency and type of innovation

How often does innovation occur in your company and what form does it take?

Open Innovation

Do you include all potential stakeholders into the innovation process?

You get

Knowledge of your company's capacity to innovate

The report provides you with essential information on how innovation is developed in your company.

General and sectoral benchmarking

The analysis allows you to see where you stand in terms of innovation compared to other SMEs, as well as within your sector of activity.

A starting point for the development of an innovation culture

A guideline that highlights the elements that could be improved. It therefore paves the way for decision making on the actions to be taken to achieve this.

A relevant analysis

We compare your company’s situation with significative data collected as part of our study on the innovation capacity of SMEs and ETIs in French-speaking Switzerland, which covers hundreds of companies.